Get 10 meals for just $56.25

Simplified Meals by Ginger

Cooler Meals $6.25 each or 10 for $56.25

Cooler Meals $6.25 each or 10 for $56.25

Cooler Meals $6.25 each or 10 for $56.25Cooler Meals $6.25 each or 10 for $56.25Cooler Meals $6.25 each or 10 for $56.25

Catering Menu

We offer a variety of pickup options for you!  We have appetizers, sandwich trays, fruit and vegetable trays, entrees, proteins, sides, and desserts!  Download out menu below for all of our options and prices! 

We also offer full service catering that includes linens for the buffet and linens on any food tables, set-up food for event, disposable plates, napkins, and utensils.  Minimum 30 people

Pickup Catering

Cheese & Crackers Tray


Assorted Cheeses & Assorted Crackers

Small-serves 10-$22.50

Medium- serves 20-$40.00

Large-serves 30-$52.50

Deluxe Deli Tray


  Make your own sandwiches.  Includes  roast beef, ham, turkey, salami,  assorted cheeses,  tomatoes, lettuce,  onions,  and choice of bread. (pretzel buns, kaiser rolls, tortilla wrap, sub buns, marble rye)  Served with mayo & Italian dressing.  

 Small- serves 10 -$42.50                                                                Medium-serves 20- $80.00                                                Large-serves 30- $112.50                                                                                               

Meat and Cheese Tray


 turkey, ham,  sausage, provolone, pepper jack, cheddar,  American, and/or Monterrey Jack        

Small- serves 10    $30.00                                                  Medium-serves 20    $55.00                                               Large-serves 30     $75.00                                                 



 Buffalo Dip  served with Tortilla chip            serves 10-15                     $35.00   

Spinach & Artichoke served with Tortilla chips            serves 10-15    $35.00  

Pinwheel Tray


Choose from Vegetarian Mexican, Turkey with Cranberries, BBQ Pork, or Mix and Match  all 3 options 

Small- serves 10 $22.50                                                      Medium-serves 20    $40.00                                            Large-serves 30      $52.50                                                  

Chicken Salad CROISSANTS


 Chicken  Salad Croissants                        $40/dozen  

Cranberry Chicken Salad served on large croissants or bagels.  Can also choose egg or ham salad.